It is time to take a stand – for humanity!

We are often asked “what side are you taking” and we have to explain that we take only one side- always – the side of Truth and Humanity. This is not about Hamas, it is not about Gaza or Israel or Palestine, it is not about Judaism of Islam… this is a story of terror and bullies. No matter what you think of the current round of the “Palestinian – Israeli conflict” one thing is common to both “sides” – the terror of Hamas.

You see Hamas is not a political entity. It is a terror organization, defined and acknowledged as such by the United States, the EU and other countries. It was “elected” by the Gazans but it has been ruining their lives.

Despite the barrage of rockets on Israel which is the reality for thousands of Israeli civilians (women and children) since 2005, Israel has been continuously supplying Gaza with power, water, food, medicine and other fuel. If you need a reminder, in 2005 Israel left the Gaza strip, tearing up entire settlements, uprooting thousands of families from their homes to give it “back”. Israel could have gone for the “scorched earth” strategy but it didn’t. It left behind fields, greenhouses, industry and agricultural areas – for the Gazans to take over and cultivate, for them to build a good life for themselves. Yet, Hamas forbade the Gazans to make use of what was left and tore it all up.

Hamas made sure that its subjects are kept in misery, poverty and that they have a common “enemy” to hate, or else they would not be able to rule them.

Hamas has since fired over 11k rockets (and when we say “rockets” we do not mean just mortars and shells but long range missiles too) into Israeli civilian areas. Hamas was unprovoked, yet it targets Israeli civilians. The IDF wasn’t in or near Gaza, yet Hamas targeted Israeli Civilians.

Hamas created and maintained a humanitarian crisis in Gaza so it can claim the international sympathy for the “poor” Gazans. It embezzled funds sent by the UN, the EU and the US to help relieve the humanitarian crisis to acquire ammunition and construct a vast network of underground tunnels reaching all the way into Israeli settlements well beyond the border…

All the while Gazans are starving and dying while their “leaders” drive luxury cars and live in palaces.

There really does exist a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. But Israel did not create it. Israel does not maintain it. Israel would want more than anything to end it. But it is not in Hamas’ best interest. 

If you have any common sense you will understand that we are right in our call to try Hamas leaders for war crimes, and you will sign our petition and help us spread the word.