Safely away from #Hamas grip: Media cover-up of Hamas crimes becomes clear


Earlier this week Israel and IDF were blamed (again and as usual) for the death of some 30 children in a missile “attack” on the Shifa hospital and the nearby Al-Shati neighborhood. The Media took to Hamas’ side immediately. 2 days ago, an Italian Reporter, now free and safe from Hamas’ grip decided to tell the truth:


This one reads: “I confirm now that I am out of Gaza, the massacre of children yesterday was not Israel’s blame. What IDF says is true. It was a Hamas missile”.   

This one reads: “Colleagues in Shati say and show: after the death of children yeaterday in Gaza, Hamas or another faction operatives arrived to clear up the debris of the rogue missile”.

And if you don’t believe us this tweet in English says it all…


So, what does it say about all the media coverage coming out of Gaza, when you see live proof that journalists are threatened (why else would he say “free from Hamas retaliation“) and bullied? How can you still trust what your mainstream media is showing you?

You can’t!

Fake Pictures? Nothing new! This time it’s Haifa posing as Gaza

So, we all know that Pallywood is the world’s largest cinematic and fiction provider. They are getting better and better but it is still pretty obvious. It’s rather easy to point out the Photoshop images, the fake blood, the directed movies because the pallywood producers and their little helpers in western media do everything to make the world see and publish their creation. But it’s not always easy to catch downright stupid people who use their private social media networks to spread lies.


This guy urgently needs his eyes checked and a lesson in Geography as he posted an image of Haifa saying it is Gaza. Well Haifa still stands thank you very much for asking, and it still stands as a symbol of co-existence. So feel free to flood this guy’s twitter with lessons. A litle education never hurt anyone!