We support and SIGN this demand to the United Nations:

– Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon
– The President of United Nations Security Council, and
– Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Subject: Hamas leaders must be tried for War Crimes
Your Excellencies! We, the undersigned to this petition and many millions more around the world, expect the UN’s decisive action against Hamas leaders’ flagrant war crimes and crimes against humanity.

For many years now and in the present conflict too, Hamas leaders and their terrorist organization ruling the Gaza strip have consistently committed the major war crimes, as defined by International Law, of: indiscriminate fire at Israel’s civilian population; firing from within their own civilians, schools and hospitals; forcing their own civilians including children to stand on rooftops and other areas of danger, using them as human shields – and You and the U.N. have not done all that is possible to stop these war crimes.

We urge You to take now all measures in your powers to try Hamas leaders before the International Criminal Court for committing these major war crimes and crimes against humanity:

  • Shooting thousands of rockets purposely and indiscriminately on civilian targets in Israel.
  • Firing these rockets from within Palestinian civilian compounds such as schools, hospitals and residential buildings, using their own civilians as human shields, placing them deliberately into harm’s way.
  • Hamas leaders bear the sole responsibility for the recent war and for the suffering on both sides: Hamas fired 12,000 rockets into Israel and refused to agree to any ceasefire.
  • Hamas leaders embezzled aid money received for the humanitarian needs of Gaza’s population and used it for an enormous military build-up.

This petition is NOT an act against the people of Gaza, just the opposite: we want to help to free Palestinians and Israelis alike from Hamas oppression, terror, War Crimes and crimes against humanity.

Yours sincerely: All the Undersigned   

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Hamas War Crimes

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