British Col. Richard Kemp on operation “Protective Edge”

It is no secret that Col. Richard Kemp is on “Israel’s side”. In this great interview he explains why in the most logical way we’ve ever heard. No matter what your political views are you owe it to yourself to at least listen to the man and then do the math. This is not about Israel or about being “pro-Israeli”. This is about common sense and being informed!

#Hamas #War_Crimes caught on Camera 2

More and more courageous media professionals are coming forward with information about Hamas using civilians as human shields, by launching rockets from within densely populated civilian areas and within very close proximity to UN and UNRWA facilities, knowing that retaliation will cause civilian casualties.

This time it’s Gallagher Fenwick for France 24 tV:

#Hamas caught on foreign TV camera firing a rocket from within a densely populated civilian area!

Still need proof that #Hamas is using Civilians as #Human_Shields? That it deliberately uses densely populated areas and especially such with people who will be considered “better” (or more important) victims such as hospitals, schools, reporters?

This Footage was caught by an Indian TV crew. Note the dates – yesterday and today *after* Israel withdrew its forces!!

2 Things that stand out:
1. Gaza isn’t all ruins and shambles – check out the nice hotels, clean streets and the quiet all around!
2. Hamas is using civilian areas to fire its rockets from… unprovoked…